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Annegret grew up in Germany and received her classical music training in violin, voice and piano from the University of Music in Stuttgart. She has studied with master drummers from Guinea, Ghana, Cuba and Brazil. She has done several residencies with her primary teacher, Famoudou Konate, in Conakry, Guinea.

She maintains a busy performance schedule throughout Maine and New England, performing solo and with the bands: Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm, and The Zulu Leprechauns. When she is not touring or giving school residencies for all age students, she teaches individual and group drumming classes and gives workshops throughout New England. 

She is a knowledgeable teacher not only of percussion but of the role of drumming to the African music culture. Her workshops include description of West African culture, and invite the direct participation of the listeners in rhythmic training exercises including body percussion, movement and drumming.

Annegret often incorporates African dance in to her performances and instruction. When she is joined by a dancer the audience is treated to a fast-paced, exciting display. Viewers are able to witness the dynamic communication between the drummer and dancer, and then to experience it firsthand through their participation.

In her solo performance, featuring songs from her CD “Solo Motion”, Annegret presents West African rhythms and songs played on a wide variety of instruments including the djembe, conga, kpanlogo, African bass drums, berimbao, kalimba, and balaphone. Audiences witness a stunning demonstration of her skillful playing and her powerful and uplifting stage presence, and are always invited to participate and dance.

"I have found that my hand drumming always has a strong primal and physical appeal to audiences and invites the listener to participate and react directly through hand clapping and dancing.

I'm glad to inspire particularly women and younger girls by playing a traditionally male instrument. I hope to convince every woman of her power and strength to go out in the world and choose freely what she wants to do in her life."

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