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Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm, a Maine based percussion and vocal ensemble. Inanna explores the heritage and rhythms of West Africa through original arrangements and compositions invoking ancient traditions of the drum.

Zulu Leprechauns, an eclectic folk-rock group that plays a mix of original and familiar music, incorporating styles from West African, rock & roll, bluegrass and folk. Their own songs are balanced by covers of such artists as Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Lou Reed and Robert Johnson, among others.

Famoudou Konaté, is a Djembé-drum virtuoso, and an experienced, methodical, extraordinary skilled, humorous and thrilling teacher. He takes his lessons in an impressive way, using examples from drum-music, the dances and songs of his people the Malinke.

Marita Kennedy-Castro

Marita is a wonderful teacher and performer of West African inspired dance. She and I have performed together and taught at many schools, offering artist in residency programs to students of all ages. She is the founder and artistic director of the New Moon Ensemble.

Namory Keita

Namory is the nephew of my teacher and master drummer Famoudou Konate and an amazing Djembe and Bass drum player, teacher and performer in his own right. Born in Sangbarala, a small village in north eastern Guinea, he was raised in the tradition of the Malinke drumming style and percussion ensemble of Djembe, Dounounba, Sangba and Kenkeni. Namory currently lives in Portland, Maine.


Alan Tauber

Alan owns a drum store and workshop space in Arlington, Mass which is quite a gem in New England! It contains a wealth of percussion instruments from West Africa and around the world. He travels to Guinea on a yearly basis, taking groups of students with him to experience the magic of music and dance of West Africa.


Michael Pluznick

Michael is a true lover of rhythm, traveling the world to teach and drum with other percussionists wherever he goes. I've met him playing djembe for African Dance Classes in Portland, as he spends his summers in Maine.


Barbara and Eric vanBok

Eric and Barbara vanBok founded Resoundingrhythms in 2006, offering classes and drum repair in mid-coast Maine, where they also host workshops with guest teachers several times during the year.


Sayon Camara

A very gifted "Djembe Fola" Sayon was born and raised in Guinea, West Africa and has performed and recorded for many years with the great Djembe master Famoudou Konate. He currently lives in Vermont with his wife Lev Belford and teaches and performs in communities near him.

Moria Smiley, works internationally as a composer, singer and teacher of new, folk and early music. She is a soloist in the Early Music field - touring and recording with the acclaimed Theatre of Voices and Fretwork Consort of Viols , as well as her own group, Anima Fortis , specializing in multi-media theatrical performances of Italian Baroque music composed by women.

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