Pay what you can - donations appreciated!


Even though we can’t be together in person don’t let social distancing prevent you from playing your drum!


I am offering weekly Zoom drum classes on Wednesday evenings, 6-7pm EST.


You can attend by sending an email to me at I will then email you the login information.


If you enjoy my teaching in this format I’m suggesting to donate to my account on or whatever you're able. 

My usual fee is $20-25 but please give what you can. Since all my income from performing, school residencies and teaching has dried up I’m grateful for any amount you can offer. 


Thanks and I hope to see your face pop up on my computer screen in the coming Wednesdays …


Stay safe and be well,


School Residencies and Performances

I offer single or multiple day artist in residence programs at schools all over Maine and New Hampshire, working with students K-12.
My workshops invite the direct participation of students through playful rhythmic exercises including body percussion, movement and drumming.
While supplying a wide variety of authentic African percussion instruments i want the students to have a hands on experience of creating music and playing it with others. In this way they quickly learn the value and reward of listening and working together. 

When adding a dancer to the workshops and performances students can witness the dynamic communication between drummer and dancer and then experience it firsthand through their participation.

My goal in teaching West African drumming and dance is to cultivate appreciation for the diversity and complexities of a culture other than our own.


"I have found that my hand drumming always has a strong primal and physical appeal to audiences and invites the listeners to participate and react directly through hand clapping and dancing. I'm glad to inspire particularly women and younger girls by playing a traditional male instrument hoping to convince them of their power and strength to go out in the world and choose freely what they want to do in their life!"

For more information please contact
Annegret Baier, 207-318-5202 or